Open Mic and the start of something special

Im still ‘emoting’ over this event – check in on me.

The people, the performers, the place ❤️

To use an old phrase, ‘if I had a pound’ for everyone who asked if we were running this again – I’d be loaded. The thing is, I don’t think we can recreate this exact evening!

Sometimes there are those nights which after all the elements you can control, go well; then something magical happens that you couldn’t plan for. In this case the magic was the sun.

We learnt that people want to get together and people want a chance to perform. We also learnt that the setting matters – so leave that with us for now.

We are hoping to return to the town hall in September and get some more music, art and poetry events running and now we have a list of talented performers to call on when the time is right.