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The outside of the Talking Shop with windows, a door and a shop sign

Our Talking Shop is open! C'mon in!

Thursday 3 June, 2021

Our Talking Shop in The Courtyard, Carrickfergus is now open! Come and visit us!

We’ll mostly be open:
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 4.30pm
Saturday – 10am – 2pm

Sometimes the door will be closed cos we’re having a meeting or workshop so if you want to be sure we’re open, drop us an email at

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, last autumn we were awarded lottery funding to open a ‘Talking Shop’ and spend 6 months talking about the future of Carrick with people who live here. We were getting the shop ready with the help of Jason Allen and Johnstone’s paint (who donated 10 litres of white emulsion), Clare Macfarlane (who lent us her wallpaper steamer) and Claire McCollum and her husband (painting the shop), then another lockdown was announced and I wondered how on earth we were going to deliver our project.

So we moved online like so many. We held some online conversations that you can read about in other blog posts, started developing Carrickfergus Maritime Exhibition – Sails and Tales with Laura – see Laura’s Harbour Stories blog – developed this website, ran a series of collaborative mapping workshops, printed and distributed almost 12,000 Wildest Dream postcards with an amazing team of around 40 volunteers, and took a look at our budget to see if we could stretch it over the summer. A couple of weeks ago we got a rates exemption for our shop which means that we can stay there until the end of October. We’ll hold workshops and meetings there and chat to anyone who comes for a nosey. We’d love you to drop by and talk to us about what you want for Carrick in the future. Let’s go!

Lee Robb