Spring 24 Acoustic Night

Another cracking evening in Carrickfergus Town Hall with our Acoustic Night packing out the space. The space, looks well on a sunny evening with low lighting, cabaret seating, coloured bottles with metallic foliage decorating the silver tables and all catching the last rays of golden hour in what is typically a large beige hall.

We had some great chats with people inside and outside the venue about how great it is to have events on our doorstep and how much you all love the ‘bring your own bottle’ element to our events. You’re welcome and thanks for letting us know what matters so we can keep doing it! We love watching everyone have a great time and feel at home in the space with full charcuterie and wine bottle coolers. 

Thanks to all who made the event the success it was: volunteer crew, PA technicians, performers, security and the ever faithful janitors who keep the space ship shape. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their story with me and dont forget to check out photos from the event on our instagram page.