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Tatjana shares her experience of bringing a friend to Carrick

The future is determined by those who get involved. Tatjana shares her experience of bringing a friend to Carrick 9 October 2021 I migrated to Northern Ireland from Australia with…
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A collage of photographs, maps and typed words about Carrickfergus

Courage and Creativity by Adrian Hack​

I’ve been following the “Positive Carrickfergus” Facebook group for quite a while. Any why not? It represents two things I’m passionate about: the importance of positivity in our lives, and my hometown.

The outside of the Talking Shop with windows, a door and a shop sign

Our Talking Shop Is Open! C’mon In!

Our Talking Shop in The Courtyard, Carrickfergus is now open! Come and visit us!

5 A Day Farm

Jim McMurtry did two online talks for us earlier this year about his plans for a farm on the Marshallstown Road in Carrickfergus. There was a lot of interest in what he’s doing, and he wants the people of Carrick to get involved.

Carrickfergus Harbour Stories

I have been volunteering and working for Carrickfergus Museum since 2014, and during my time working as Education Officer for the Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), I was lucky to be involved in some of the initial discussions around the regeneration of the town through the Carrickfergus Regeneration Investment Programme (CRIP) and City Deal.

Make your personal map of Carrick

If there is one thing we’ve learned since setting up positive carrickfergus, it’s that us Carrick folk LOVE talking about Carrick!

Welcome to Positive Carrickfergus

It’s 11 February 2021 and we’ve just finished building our new website with Ian McKenzie Creative and my final task (on this particular to do list) is to write our first blog post and welcome you to join this next stage in our journey.